CBL INtensives

Center for Biblical Leadership Intensives offer pastors and ministry leaders the opportunity to participate in an extended time of onsite instruction provided by a vetted CBL instructor.

Pastoral Essentials

English 6-9 Hours
“Pastoral Essentials” encourages students to abide in the care of Christ as they shepherd their local congregations. This course provides a foundational understanding of vital roles and functions of pastoral ministry, focusing primarily on self-care and the weekly demands of preaching.
Tools for the Course
Suggested steps for exegesis of text and preparation of a sermon. Click here to download.

Biblical Preaching

English and Spanish 12-18 course
This course is designed to expose the participant to the skill of expository preaching, stressing the critical importance of sound, uncompromising, well-researched and prayer-saturated preaching. In this course we present a methods that will help the participant prepare relevant sermons that can transform the lives of those they serve.
Tools for the Course

Become a Church with Impact!

English, Spanish, and French 12-18 Course
This course enables church leaders to focus the congregation on its task as God’s agent in the community. It presents the importance of a biblically defined vision, introduces leaders to the 10 characteristics of a healthy church, and invites leaders to see their church as a system that can have a significant impact.
Tools for the Course
Text and Preparation of A Sermon. Click here to download.

Church and Community

English and Spanish 12-18 Course
Jesus said that “we are the salt of the earth and the light or the world” (Matthew 5:13–14). This course is designed to encourage pastors and ministry leaders to consider the ministry of the church outside the walls of the building and offer an integral ministry to the communities in which they serve. The course is designed to highlight the social responsibility of the church while exposing the student to the prophetic role of the church in the community, serving as an agent of God’s peace.
Tools for the Course

Pentecostal Distinctives of the Church of God of Prophecy

English and Spanish 12-18 Hours
This course focuses on our Pentecostal identity as the Church of God of Prophecy. The course provides a comparison between the three main waves of the Pentecostal Movement: Classical Pentecostalism Charismatic Movement and Neo-Pentecostalism, stressing who we are as Classical Pentecostals, and our belief and practice of the fivefold Gospel (Jesus as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, Spirit baptizer, and soon-coming King).
Tools for the Course

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