Instructor’s Site

Instructor's Materials

The instructor’s site provides all the necessary content the instructor/guest lecturer will need to teach the course or a lesson within the course.


  • The instructor’s manual, which contains the course’s content, the instructor’s notes, review quizzes, and final assessment, as well as related lesson appendices can be downloaded on the instructor’s site.
  • Slides that follow the course content can also be downloaded.
  • A student guide that provides an outline of each lesson can be downloaded and printed for each participant.

Instructor's Forms

The following instructor and participant forms can also be downloaded on the instructor’s site:

Instructor/Guest Lecturer Verification Form:

  • Click here to fill out form 
  • Click here to download form

Instructor forms for registration:

  • Participant Course Registration Form
  • Participant Registration Spreadsheet

Instructor forms for completion of course:

  • Recognition of Completion for each participant
  • Instructor’s Course Survey

Participant forms:

  • Participant Course Survey
  • Individual Program Completion Form
  • Transcript Request Form


What is the instructor responsible for?

The instructor is responsible to–

  • Download and study the content of the instructor’s manual and slides
  • Prepare all necessary teaching materials
  • Print participant materials i.e. student guides, lesson review quizzes, and final assessment
  • Keep an accurate attendance record of participants
  • Engage participants in lesson content through discussion, participant activities, and assessments
  • Encourage students to review each lesson quiz in preparation for the final assessment
  • At the end of the course, submit the completed “Participant Registration Spreadsheet” with pass/fail grade of each registered participant
  • Complete and submit the “Instructor’s Course Survey”

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