ONSITE Program

Foundations: Minister’s Development Program is available onsite to any sponsoring ministry (i.e. local church, district, state, region, nation or continental area).

The onsite program offers the advantages of instructor-led learning, engagement in group learning activities, and content application. There will also be opportunities to develop relationships with ministry peers as we worship and pray together during devotional times.

The program consists of six courses, with each course requiring a total of 16-23 instructional hours. Each course could be completed in two and half or three days.

Onsite Course Process

The procedures below provide the steps necessary for a sponsoring ministry to initiate and implement an onsite course within the Foundations: Minister’s Development Program.

STEP 1: Sponsoring Ministry Initiates Course

  • A sponsoring ministry is a local church, district, state, nation, or continental area.
  • The sponsoring ministry will create an account or login to an existing account. 

Step 2: Instructor/Guest Lecturer Verification of Educational Credentials

The sponsoring ministry can choose to use CBL faculty, SLS faculty, or their own instructors.

An email will be sent to the suggested instructor directing them to create an account and complete a verification form. Once the verification form is complete, CBL will process their credentials.  CBL will notify the instructor and the sponsoring ministry when credentials are approved (3 – 5 days).

If the instructor does not have educational credentials or is unable to complete the CBL verification process, they may still teach the class. However, if the purpose of the class is to receive credit hours with Spirit and Life Seminary, a verified guest lecturer is required for two of the course sessions.

NOTE: After the instructor’s/guest lecturer’s educational credentials have been approved, the verification process does not have to be repeated.

Verified Instructors/Guest Lecturers

  • If an instructor has been verified, he/she will receive an email giving access to the instructor’s site. The sponsoring ministry will also be notified of the verification of the instructor’s/guest lecturer’s educational credentials.
  • The educational credentials of Center for Biblical Leadership and Spirit and Life Seminary faculty have already been verified.

Verification Process

  • Suggested instructor/guest lecturer submits proof of highest credentials, i.e., scanned copy of degree or unoffiial transcript.
  • CBL will seek state/region/national bishop’s approval.
  • CBL will approve instructor’s/guest lecturer’s educational credentials.
  • CBL will send an email giving the instructor/guest lecturer access to the instructor’s site.
  • It will take 3-5 days for CBL to process the verification approval.
  • Sponsoring ministry and instructor/guest lecturer will be notified of verification approval.

NOTE: After the educational credentials of the instructor / guest lecturer has been approved, the verification process does not have to be repeated.

Step 3: Instructor/Guest Lecturer accesses Instructor’s Site

Verified instructors and/or guest lecturers who are scheduled to teach will have access to:

  • Downloadable instructor’s manual
  • Student guides
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Quizzes, final assessment, and forms
  • Prepare course materials
  • Print student materials

Step 4: Sponsoring Ministry Manages Participant Registration


  • Once instructor’s/guest lecturer’s educational credentials have been verified, the instructor and the sponsoring ministry will receive a confirmation email that will include instructions for next steps.
  • Sponsoring ministry communicates the registration process, including link to online registration, deadline, etc., to potential participants.
  • Participants who register through the online form will receive an email receipt.
  • At the event, the sponsoring ministry or instructor will add participants who have not registered prior to the event to the spreadsheet.
  • If a participant is unable to register online, the sponsoring ministry will need to download and print the “Participant Registration Form” for each participant. The sponsoring ministry will then add the information to the “Participant Registration Spreadsheet.”

Step 5: Course Completion

  • Pass/fail is entered into the “Participant Registration Spreadsheet.”
  • Completed “Participant Registration Spreadsheet” is emailed to cbl@cogop.org.
  • Sponsoring ministry and/or instructor provide a “Recognition of Course Completion” to each participant. This document is found in the instructor’s site under course materials.

Step 6: Program Completion

  • Foundations: Minister’s Development Program is completed when a participant has successfully passed all six courses.
  • If a group finishes the program together, the sponsoring ministry verifies completion by submitting the “Program Completion Form” either online or by emailing the form to cbl@cogop.org.
  • An individual who has finished the program (onsite or a combination of onsite and online) can verify completion by submitting the “Individual Completion Form” either online or by emailing the form to cbl@cogop.org.
  • CBL will issue a “Certificate of Achievement” to participants after validating these forms.
  • CBL will notify the sponsoring ministry as well as the state, regional, or national bishop of those in their area that have completed the program.

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