Course Overview

The Minister Role as Leader

Overall Goals

In this course, The Minister’s Role as Leader,  participants will study  practices of spiritual leadership and the impact of culture on there local church. Course content will encourage the sharpening of practical leadership skills and provide guidance for the development of emerging leaders.  In every lesson, there are opportunities for participants to apply what they are learning in order to effectively lead current and potential leaders, the congregation, and the community they serve.


1. Spiritual Leadership

Synopsis: This lesson addresses the roles and responsibilities of pastoral leadership from a biblical perspective and identifies the characteristics and skills that assure effective leadership.

2. Understanding the Cultural and Global Context of Ministry

Synopsis: This lesson challenges students to consider the impact of culture on local church ministry and to counteract negative influences in appropriate, impactful ways.

3. Church Administration

Synopsis: This lesson describes the functions of church administration and discusses how to implement essential administrative practices within the local church.

4. Conlfict Resolution

Synopsis: This lesson exposes students to various areas of conflict in the church. Emphasis will be placed on addressing problems within the church using conflict management strategies.

5. Mentoring Leaders

Synopsis: The lesson discusses the roles of the mentor and mentee and how to identify and effectively mentor potential leaders.

6. Responsible Managment of Church Finances

Synopsis: This lesson identifies essential components of a financial framework that provides biblical stewardship of the church’s resources.

7. Identifying, Equipping, and Releasing Laity

Synopsis: This lesson discusses the value and personal characteristics of a lay leader. The lesson also provides a plan for laity development and involvement in ministry.

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