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The Center for Biblical Leadership exists to provide relevant training content to ministry leaders. Content includes opportunities for training in personal spiritual formation, practical ministry and leadership skills as well as theological instruction. We are committed to making this content accessible to every leader throughout the world by providing both onsite and online training opportunities in numerous languages.



Minister’s Development Program

Foundations: Minister’s Development Program provides accessible, practical, and relevant training to pastors and ministry leaders serving the Church of God of Prophecy. The program offers them an opportunity to increase their effectiveness through theological instruction as well as leadership and ministry development and personal spiritual formation.

The Minister and God's Word

This course focuses on basic knowledge of the Bible, foundational Bible doctrines, and the hermeneutical process as well as an understanding of apologetics. Each lesson focuses on a Pentecostal perspective of the topic.

The Minister's Personal Life

This course addresses a variety of issues related to the pastor’s personal life, including components of the pastor’s spiritual life, the pastoral marriage and family, as well as specific guidance on developing habits that lead to a lifetime of growth and effectiveness.

The Minister and Practical Ministry

This course identifies and provides biblical and practical instruction for various roles and responsibilities of pastoral ministry.

The Minister's Role as Leader

This course provides pastors and ministry leaders guidance in understanding and fulfilling key leadership responsibilities that sustain the health and fruitfulness of the local church.

The Minister's Commitment to Evangelism and Discipleship

This course addresses the most significant aspects of the local church’s mission—evangelism and discipleship. Each lesson provides a biblical foundation as well as practical principles and tools to aid pastors and ministry leaders in accomplishing these two missional tasks.

The Minister and the Church of God of Prophecy

This course will acquaint pastors and ministry leaders with the structure, polity and practices of the organization they serve. Sound principles will provide guidance in aligning the local church with the organizational structure.

Learn More about our Resources 

Center for Biblical Leadership has provided tangible resources that you can use to further your development in your ministry. 

Online Training Courses 

Center for Biblical Leadership has provided  online training courses that you can take for free. Each of our courses provide essential insights on specific ministry topics. These are courses are ment to enrich your ministry. 

Developing and Leading Small Group Ministry

This free online lesson equips participants to develop small group ministry that promotes healthy spiritual growth in the local church. The student will learn biblical principles that support the practice of ministry in the small group and how to effectively disciple in that setting.

Essential Elements for Effective Youth and Children's Ministry

This lesson encourages participants to recognize the significance of serving children and youth and provides instruction on what is required to implement and sustain effective youth and children’s ministry.

YES! Responding to God's Call

This is an online course for every believer who desires to discover and accomplish the good works God ordained for them to do. “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). This five-lesson course is designed to engage the participant through an introductory video, relevant content, and impactful personal challenges.

Students Testimonials

“This course has inspired me to examine my passions in pursuing God’s call on my life.”

YES! Responding to God’s Call

“I was able to learn new strategies on how to lead a group of indivduals in a small group setting. ”

Developing and Leading Small Group Ministry 

“The course helped me learn the different aspects and areas that needs to be addressed in ministry.”

Essential Elements of Effective Youth and Children’s Ministry

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