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Foundations: Minister’s Development Program Is available onsite to any sponsoring ministry (i.e. local church, district, state, region, nation or continental area).

The onsite program offers the advantages of instructor-led learning, engagement in group learning activities, and content application. There will also be opportunities to develop relationships with ministry peers as we worship and pray together during devotional times.

The program consists of six courses, with each course requiring an average of 18 hours of instruction, divided into seven lessons of 2–3 hours each. The pace of each course is flexible, and the schedule will be determined by the sponsoring ministry. A course can be completed in an accelerated setting of two-and-a-half or three days.

Onsite Course Process

The procedures below provide the steps necessary for a sponsoring ministry to initiate and implement an onsite course within the Foundations: Minister’s Development Program.

Sponsoring Ministry Initiates Course

A sponsoring ministry is a local church, district, state, nation, or continental area.
The sponsoring ministry will create an account or login to an existing account.

Approval of Instructor and Verification of Instructor's Educational Credentials


The sponsoring ministry can choose to use CBL faculty, SLS faculty, or their own instructors. If the sponsoring ministry chooses to use its own instructors, the instructors must be verified.

Prospective instructors will be contacted by the Center for Biblical Leadership (CBL) to create an account, complete and submit an instructor approval form, and submit proof of academic credentials (scanned copy of the highest degree or an unofficial transcript).

CBL will then process the credentials and seek the state/region/national bishop’s approval. Once a decision is made, the prospective instructor and the sponsoring ministry will be notified (3–5 days). Following the initial approval of an instructor’s educational credentials, the verification process will not have to be repeated.

A prospective instructor who lacks sufficient educational credentials but has received approval to teach from the area bishop may still teach the lessons in the course. However, for participants to receive transferable credit hours for Spirit & Life Seminary, an instructor whose educational credentials have been verified is required to teach two of the seven lessons in the course.

Once an instructor’s educational credentials have been processed and approval received by the area bishop, the instructor and the sponsoring ministry will receive a confirmation email that will include instructions for the next steps.

Access to Instructor’s Site


Approved instructors will be given access to download the teaching materials of the course they are teaching:

Instructor’s Manual
Participant’s Manual
Student outline for each lesson
PowerPoint slides
Lesson review quizzes, final assessments
Supplemental course materials
Instructor and participant forms

Sponsoring Ministry Promotes and Manages the Registration Process

The sponsoring ministry is responsible for promoting the course
The sponsoring ministry is responsible for communicating the online registration process, a link to the online registration, and the registration deadline to potential participants
Participants who register online will receive an email receipt
For participants who did not register prior to the event or were unable to register online, the sponsoring ministry will download and print the Participant Registration Form for them to complete and will add their information to the Participant Registration Spreadsheet

Course Completion

At the conclusion of the course, a pass/fail grade for each participant should be assigned and entered into the Participant Registration Spreadsheet.
Email the completed Participant Registration Spreadsheet to
Sponsoring ministry and/or the instructor will provide a Recognition of Completion certificate to each participant. This document is available for download on the Instructor’s Site.

FOUNDATIONS: Minister’s Development Program Completion

The program is completed when a participant has successfully passed all six courses
When a group completes the program together, the sponsoring ministry verifies completion by submitting the Program Completion Form online or emailing the form to
When an individual completes the program on-site—or a combination of on-site and online—the Individual Completion Form can be submitted online or emailed to
CBL will issue a Certificate of Achievement to participants who successfully complete the program. The sponsoring ministry as well as the state/regional/national bishop will receive notification of this achievement. For participants who are pursuing ministry licensure, a notification that the Certificate of Achievement has been awarded will also be sent to the general presbyter of the area.
Completion of this program does not assure ministry licensure. Every person that desires ministry licensure must go through the ministry licensure process as outlined in the Ministry Policy Manual.

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