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The Minister’s Commitment to Evangelism and Discipleship

Course Overview

Overall Goals

This course, “The Minister’s Commitment to Evangelism and Discipleship” addresses the two most urgent priorities of the local church.  The lessons examine the believer’s call and the church’s role in evangelism and missions, as well as the assimilation and discipleship of believers. In every lesson, there are opportunities to explore how participants and their congregations can become more fully committed to evangelism and discipleship.


Every Believer’s Call

This lesson will prepare students to motivate and equip congregants to live missionally in order to influence the lives of “Not-Yet-Christians.” 

Developing a Comprehensive Evangelism Plan

This lesson will expose the students to various evangelism strategies, enable them to evaluate the effectiveness of current methods, and develop an evangelism plan for their local church. 

Planting Healthy Churches

This lesson identifies the tasks and abilities necessary to plant healthy churches. 

The Church and Community

This lesson will enable participants to identify the local church’s responsibility to provide holistic ministry to its surrounding community. 

The Role of Missions in Congregational Life

This lesson challenges the participants to consider the comprehensive role the local church plays in missions and encourages the development of a holistic approach to local and global missions.

Assimilating New Believers

This lesson identifies significant elements necessary to incorporate new converts into the fellowship of the local church for the purpose of transformation. 

The Process of Discipleship

This lesson introduces biblical principles that assure effective discipleship in the local church.  This lesson also encourages using these biblical principles as the criteria for developing a transformation.

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