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The Minister and Gods Word

Course Overview

Overall Goals

In this course you, along with your students, will develop a greater understanding of God’s Word—its authority and content, methods of study and defense, as well as an overview of several major Bible doctrines. These overall objectives should be considered as you prepare each lesson. In every lesson there are opportunities to explore how students can apply what they are learning to effectively handle God’s Word as they minister to their congregations and communities.


The Bible, God’s Word

This lesson discusses the Bible’s origin, history, and character for the purpose of instilling within the students a firm belief in the athority of God’s Word.

Overview of the Old Testament

This lesson provides an overview of the origin, chronology, and relevance of the Old Testament.

Overview of the New Testament

This lesson discusses the context of the New Testament with a focus on the life of Christ and the development of the early church.

Introduction to Hermeneutics

This lesson describes the essential elements of hermeneutics, the Pentecostal contributions to the discipline, and how hermeneutics is applied to the study of Scripture.


This lesson provides a definition of apologetics and enables the students to give a compelling and credible defense of the Christian faith.

The Doctrine of God: The Being and Nature of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

This lesson discusses the unique nature of the Godhead, including its distinctives, unity, and application to pastoral ministry that helps govern and guide a pastor and local church in harmonizing their ministry to the Trinitarian model.

The Doctrines of Sin, Salvation, and Holiness

This lesson discusses the believer’s quest to be filled with love and formed into the image of Christ which is holiness. The lesson also focuses on the journey which begins with man fallen in sin then redeemed by the amazing grace of God and set on the path of holiness.

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