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The Minister’s Personal Life

Course Overview

Overall Goals

In this course you, along with your students, will develop a greater understanding of the intertwining of their personal lives with their ministry goals–their personal devotion to God, how to handle temptations and challenges, how to practice self-care as a minister, how they should conduct themselves in their marriage and family, and how to continually foster a spirit of growth as a minster. These overall objectives should be considered as you prepare each lesson. In every lesson there are opportunities to explore how students can apply what they are learning to effectively handle themselves as they minister to their congregations and communities.


Personal Devotion to God

This lesson presents the purpose, plan, practices, and process of pursuing personal spiritual formation through the spiritual disciplines.

Temptations and Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

This lesson discusses the inevitable temptations and challenges of pastoral ministry and provides the students with practical means to confront and overcome these temptations and challenges.

Pastoral Integrity

This lesson addresses the fundamental need for pastoral integrity and explores areas where it is essential. This lesson also recommends habits that will sustain pastoral integrity.

Restoration and Rest for the Pastor

This lesson presents the process and practices that will guide students as they pursue personal spiritual formation that enables them to enter the biblical pattern of work, rest, and leisure.

Healthy Dynamics of a Pastoral Marriage

This lesson will equip students with an understanding of the challenges ministry brings to marriage. It will encourage students to evaluate the marriage relationship and consider adopting healthy behaviors that will allow the marriage to flourish in a pastoral setting.

Healthy Dynamics of a Pastoral Family

This lesson examines the effects of ministry on the pastoral family and provides solutions that help maintain an appropriate balance between family and ministry.

Designing a Continuous Personal Development Plan

This lesson discusses the skills necessary to be a lifelong learner so that the process of personal development continues.

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